Black Friday Buys: Fabric!

This Black Friday, I leisurely got up at 7:30, dawdled around until 9, and arrived at Joann’s at 9:30, AND STILL made out with the fabric I was wanting! Yeah, I know it’s pretty awesome. The only reason is this: I planned only on buying FABRIC. Otherwise I would have been waiting in line at 5:30 am with everyone else. Material is almost a guaranteed thing.

Anyways, here’s what I bought and what I’ll be using them for:

Nov.'13 Projects 037

Black Friday Sale Fabric

Left to Right, Cotton: 1/8 yd, 1 yd, 1 yd, 1/2 yd, 1 yd, 1/2 yd. Flannel: 1/2 yd, 1 yd. Total with tax: $24.

Nov.'13 Projects 045

Fabric for Center Block

The first is a honey mustard cotton. It was the only fabric I could find that matched what I remembered of the center block for the round robin, which I have yet to add a border to.

Nov.'13 Projects 046

Apron Fabric

This lovely cutesy cooking print is for an apron. My neighborhood sewing group is having a Christmas party challenge: Anonymously make an apron for people to vote for. There will be some sort of prize. I need to find the right apron pattern.

Nov.'13 Projects 049

Hunting Quilt Fabric

This novelty print couldn’t be passed up. It’s so cool! For year’s I have been slowly saving up hunting themed fabric for a quilt that has a lion’s head as the center piece. I have a certain hunter in mind for if and when I finish it. 🙂

Nov.'13 Projects 050

Keepsake Calico Fabric

I fell in love with this print when back in the summer I bought it in pink and made, fittingly, a summer dress. I didn’t even know it existed in different colors until yesterday. I was only buying a half yard of each. The green fabric had a half yard left, end-of-bolt. For Black Friday, Joann’s had end-of-bolt fabric 75% off the sale price, which came down to 63 cents for a half-yard!   !!!

Nov.'13 Projects 061

Fabric for Future Quilt Project

I had quite a bit left of the pink fabric from my dress, so I plan to make a pastel quilt out of the fabrics, perhaps as hound’s tooth.

Nov.'13 Projects 041

Fabric for Pillowcase

Lastly, I bought this cute flannel print with a color compatible border to make a pillowcase! It’s so cute! My octopus crazed sister liked it immediately when I pointed it out. I personally think of it as a Samson and Sally tribute, and my mother really likes the turtles. Yeah, we just love to verbally dissect things, LOL!

Other than that, on Thursday I hit the early Black Friday sale at Kohls, and I bought two really nice sweaters. (It didn’t conflict with family time; I had Thanksgiving dinner at 1 pm and the sale started at 7 pm).

I’m curious: Did you go shopping the early sales on Thanksgiving?



A Present For Mother

Happy Black Friday everyone!

My dear mother’s birthday was this month, and an idea of a special present had been forming in my mind for awhile. It wasn’t until two days before the big day that I decided to try it out: 18″ nine-patch blocks for a lap quilt. I really didn’t believe I could do it, so I stopped after making 3 blocks. The day just before, however, I put off everything else and worked like a fiend to get it done; after 9 hours of work, I was finished!

Nov.'13 Projects 016

Quilt Front (Excuse the Wrinkles!)

Quilt Size: 54″x54″

Nov.'13 Projects 022

Quilt Back

To add weight and to make it comfortable, I used a high quality purple knit on the back. I used the wrong side of the knit because it has the texture of a velvety soft fuzz.

Nov.'13 Projects 017

For batting, I used 100% cotton. I quilted the front to it, then I sewed the backing to the front, turned it right side out, and topstitched it. Afterwards, I did some hand tacking with pink embroidery cotton floss.

Nov.'13 Projects 011

My mother was very surprised and delighted!

Thanks for reading,


White-On-Black Chains Curtains

As a birthday present for my brother (who recently became a homeowner), I decided to make him curtains for his backdoor windows. My brother loves the color black and doesn’t mind chains, so when I saw this chain fabric, I thought,”Perfect!”

Of course I had to flaunt my girlishness, so I pinned a pink satin bow on both curtains and told my brother that he couldn’t remove them until after his party was over.

November 2013 008

White Chains Curtain

Unlike printed cotton, the chains are woven into the fabric, and the reverse side has black chains on a white background. The fabric was 60 inches wide; I cut the length to be 42 inches, with a 2 inch hem and a 3 inch header.  I am happy to report that he likes them! 😀

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Drawing Vs. Painting a Sunset

Recently, when my sister brought out her gouache and paint brushes, I decided to follow suit except with my drawing supplies. As soon as I put the pencil to the paper, I could see a sunset. After 3 hours of laborious work, I finally had shaded my picture to satisfaction:

November 2013 048

Color Pencil Drawing

When I saw my sister’s painting, I felt a sudden longing to paint a sunset. Also, I was curious to see how the same sunset would look using a different technique. So I took out my water-color pencils, quickly copied the picture, and painted it with water, all within an hour. Here it is:

November 2013 049

Water Color Pencil Painting

I don’t think that I can honestly say one is greater than the other, or that I like one over the other. There are certain aspects about the color pencil drawing that I really like, but there are also ones about the water color painting that I like, too. Obviously, using the water color pencils cut down the time by two-thirds, but I am too attached to my colored pencils to give up on them; I get to practice my shading skills! 😉

Verdict: It’s A Tie!

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Round Robin Quilting

For my local American Sewing Guild group challenge, we decided to do a round robin for quilts. From November to April the other participants and I will be trading off quilt blocks as we add a border to each one, and in May our completed quilt fronts will be presented to us.

For my center block, I decided to make my blue and purple batiks into a simple nine-patch and bordered it with two gold and green borders. It’s exactly 10.5 x 10.5″.

Youmacon 2013 097

Here’s the schedule:

November to January: 2 inch border. February: 4 inch border. March: 6 inch border. April: 3 inch border. May: The quilts are presented to their owners!

Youmacon 2013 100

So for these next few months, I will be posting about my progress with the borders on everyone else’s quilts. 🙂

I’m so excited to see how mine turns out!