A Challenging Fitting Session

This is an update on my “wedding” dress progress. I’ve had nearly two weeks to make my dress for my cousin’s wedding and I am still at square one and making muslins.

I made the first muslin of the bodice in a size 12 and expected minimal fitting adjustments. After finishing it I put it on and had my sister pin the back together — and it seemed nearly perfect! I only needed to put some more curves into my front seams. THEN I tried to move my arms. Dun dun dun… It was so restrictive that my arms could only be lifted up to my shoulders.

Bodice Muslin

Bodice Muslin Size 12

I tried a lot of different things, like lowering the armholes, raising them up, taking in the sleeve seam, adjusting all the pattern pieces; and nothing worked. On my last muslin I really thought I did it, but then I put it on and had the same problem. I know why the sleeves didn’t work, however: They were supposed to be made out of a stretchy lace and not a cotton. I have a knit t-shirt with those sleeves and it works, and the pattern likewise uses a knit fabric.

Dress Materials

Dress Materials

Dress Materials:

  • Sherbet Zebra Linen (Main dress fabric)
  • Raspberry Cotton (Upper bodice fabric)
  • White Cotton (Lining fabric)
  • Polka Dot Fashion Zippers! (Pockets)
  • Invisible Zipper
  • Simplicity Pattern 1687

In short, I will have to make my dress sleeveless and begin working on the actual one right away. My goal had been to finish the dress by this weekend before the end of spring break, but I did not expect to have so much trouble with the fitting. The spring quarter begins on Monday and I only have two more weeks until the wedding!

Wish me God’s blessing!



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