A Special Quilt Project

I have been meaning to make a quilt for my special ‘third’ grandma for a few years now and finally I have all the fabrics and the design plan I need to make it!

The Fabric Selection: Batik, Cream, Painting, and Four Colors

The Fabric Selection: Batik, Cream, Painting, and Four Colors

From the start of my planning a few years ago I had the ‘four colors’ shown to the right in the picture above. I was going to make a houndstooth quilt from a tutorial I found online with them. That changed when I found this beautiful print of a painted scene at Joann about a month or so ago (pictured below).

The Centerpiece

The Centerpiece

I was with my grandma at the time and she bought the rest of the bolt for me (two panels). When I got home I could feel my quilt coming together. I was so excited but I didn’t have a background fabric… until a few days ago!

Background Fabric: Patterned Cream

Background Fabric: Patterned Cream

I finally can see my way clear for making this quilt because I got around to organizing my sewing room. This lovely cream print (above) has been in my stash for more than a year! It’s perfect for the background and there are more than five yards.

The Supporting Background Colors

The Supporting Background Colors

It was just meant to be for this project to take so long, about three years in the works. The fabrics I have now are sure to make a lovely quilt for my lovely grandma.

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