Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay Purchases

(Ah, this week I’m back in school. Hopefully I will have time to continue posting…)

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is all of the stuff I ordered for my cosplay! No more stock photos. 😉

My Cosplay Accessories

My Cosplay Accessories

Eye Accessories Close-Up

Eye Accessories Close-Up

I’m satisfied with all of the accessories I’ve acquired. Here is a list of the accessories you would need for your outfit to cosplay as Chocolat-Chan:

  • Wig- $18.82
  • Uniqso Circle Lenses- $25.90
  • Contact Lens Kit- $1.89
  • Hoop Earrings- $1.06
  • Striped Socks- $2.98
  • Suede Boots- $21.19

And the grand total is: $71.84

Bear in mind this total doesn’t include the cost of the necklace (which I’m making), the patterns, nor the fabric and interfacing required to make the main part of the cosplay. This is a good starter list for Chocolat’s outfit. If you already have these items, you’re half-way there! 🙂

Soon I will post pictures of my contacts and wig on me!

Stay sharp,


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