Drawing Vs. Painting a Sunset

Recently, when my sister brought out her gouache and paint brushes, I decided to follow suit except with my drawing supplies. As soon as I put the pencil to the paper, I could see a sunset. After 3 hours of laborious work, I finally had shaded my picture to satisfaction:

November 2013 048

Color Pencil Drawing

When I saw my sister’s painting, I felt a sudden longing to paint a sunset. Also, I was curious to see how the same sunset would look using a different technique. So I took out my water-color pencils, quickly copied the picture, and painted it with water, all within an hour. Here it is:

November 2013 049

Water Color Pencil Painting

I don’t think that I can honestly say one is greater than the other, or that I like one over the other. There are certain aspects about the color pencil drawing that I really like, but there are also ones about the water color painting that I like, too. Obviously, using the water color pencils cut down the time by two-thirds, but I am too attached to my colored pencils to give up on them; I get to practice my shading skills! 😉

Verdict: It’s A Tie!

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Rainbow Bubbles Painting

I just wanted to share today a picture of a water color pencil painting that I finished recently:

October 2013 476

It’s so simplistic, but it took a really long time just to get the pigment on the paper. Part of it was choosing where to place the colors, another was switching pencils constantly. If you notice, I added a darker color opposite the light to add dimension. When I was painting with water, I had to be careful not to mix the light with the dark too much.

I really wanted my painting to be cheerful, and I have succeeded; I feel happy every time I look at it! :3