Painting Pretty Rocks


Painting rocks is another thing that I like to do every so often. I find that they make great presents! This is sort of like a how-to on painting your own. 🙂

December 2013 005

Rocks That I Painted Previously

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Paper for your work-area
  • Acrylic Paint (Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, etc.)
  • Paint Brushes as shown below
  • A container with water
  • A plastic surface for the paint
  • Most importantly, ROCKS!
December 2013 009

Paint Brushes

Okay, here we go! Get paper to protect your surface area from paint. Because you will be using acrylic paint, I suggest using old paint brushes that you don’t mind ‘messing up’.

December 2013 011


You really can’t go wrong with choosing rocks. Any shape will do, though I prefer to have one part that’s relatively flat on the rock.  If you are using rocks from your landscaping, make sure to scrub them thoroughly with warm, soapy water.

December 2013 014

First Coat of Paint: Black

Start off with using the flat brush. Put on a coat of black all around the rock. It may require another coat.

December 2013 017

Finished Base Coat

December 2013 018

Flower Centers

After it dries completely, take out your yellow paint and with the fine-tipped paint brush and dab some dots all around, leaving enough room for flower petals.

December 2013 019

Petal Foundation

You don’t need to wait for the yellow paint to dry; continue ahead with using whatever color you desire for the petals. Usually I can fit six to seven petals around each center.

December 2013 020

Filled-In Petals

Make sure to fill in the petals!

December 2013 023

Paint The Year

When the flowers dry, flip the rock over and paint the year onto it. It really adds a nice touch. And you’re done!

New Rocks!

New Rocks!

Whenever I paint a big batch, I usually get board with the flower design and experiment, as I did below. Sometimes they don’t turn out as I imagined, so I eventually go over them with black paint and start over. Other times, I’m pleasantly surprised when they turn out even better than I imagined. 🙂

Mosaic Rock

Mosaic Rock

Another design is a rainbow mosaic. Using a larger flat-surfaced rock, paint a circle of dots in one color of the rainbow, then continue with the color that follows suit. And that finishes it!

I like to paint rocks because when I was a child, I once had watched my older siblings paint beautiful flowers and ladybugs on the giant rocks in our landscaping.  Anyway, it’s very relaxing and I love how pretty they turn out!

I hope you try it out! (LMK)



Drawing Vs. Painting a Sunset

Recently, when my sister brought out her gouache and paint brushes, I decided to follow suit except with my drawing supplies. As soon as I put the pencil to the paper, I could see a sunset. After 3 hours of laborious work, I finally had shaded my picture to satisfaction:

November 2013 048

Color Pencil Drawing

When I saw my sister’s painting, I felt a sudden longing to paint a sunset. Also, I was curious to see how the same sunset would look using a different technique. So I took out my water-color pencils, quickly copied the picture, and painted it with water, all within an hour. Here it is:

November 2013 049

Water Color Pencil Painting

I don’t think that I can honestly say one is greater than the other, or that I like one over the other. There are certain aspects about the color pencil drawing that I really like, but there are also ones about the water color painting that I like, too. Obviously, using the water color pencils cut down the time by two-thirds, but I am too attached to my colored pencils to give up on them; I get to practice my shading skills! 😉

Verdict: It’s A Tie!

Thanks for reading,


Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 3: Shoes

Eee! Only two more days till Youmacon! I am happy to say that I have completed my cosplay outfit. Here are the progress photos of painting my black shoes YELLOW:

October 2013 467

The Supplies

Second Hand Black Running Shoes, acrylic paint, an old paint brush and water.

October 2013 469

First Coat!

October 2013 536

New Paint

October 2013 541

Another Coat

October 2013 543

Getting Close!

October 2013 550

Last Coat!

October 2013 552

Just Need to Dry!

October 2013 580

Finished! Yay!

October 2013 581

October 2013 579

Behold the fruit of my labor!

The paint seems to hold up well. It took about 10 coats of paint to get it like this. Lots of time, lots of patience. Just in time for Youmacon 2013!

That’s all folks!


Rainbow Bubbles Painting

I just wanted to share today a picture of a water color pencil painting that I finished recently:

October 2013 476

It’s so simplistic, but it took a really long time just to get the pigment on the paper. Part of it was choosing where to place the colors, another was switching pencils constantly. If you notice, I added a darker color opposite the light to add dimension. When I was painting with water, I had to be careful not to mix the light with the dark too much.

I really wanted my painting to be cheerful, and I have succeeded; I feel happy every time I look at it! :3