Uniqso Green Circle Lenses- Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay

Welcome to my blog, everyone!

For my Sugar Sugar Rune cosplay I purchased green circle lenses from Uniqso.com. I chose Uniqso because it was the only cosplay-themed website I knew of that accepts PayPal and I found the perfect lenses for my cosplay.

Orange Wig and Green Circle Lenses

Orange Wig and Green Circle Lenses

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Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay Purchases

(Ah, this week I’m back in school. Hopefully I will have time to continue posting…)

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is all of the stuff I ordered for my cosplay! No more stock photos. 😉

My Cosplay Accessories

My Cosplay Accessories

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Introducing Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay!

Happy first day of fall everyone!

I am happy to announce that I will be going to Youmacon 2015! I will be cosplaying as Chocolat Meilleure from the anime Sugar Sugar Rune alongside my sister who will be Vanilla Mieux. Cosplaying with us from the realm sugary goodness is my other sister who will be Sugar Rush’s own Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. (Hmm, it seems we have all have a thing for sweets). 😉

Chocolat and Vanilla- Bing Search Image

Chocolat and Vanilla- Bing Search Image

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Cute Patchwork Drawstring Bag

As I mentioned in my previous post, I needed to make a different present for my friend. A few years ago my sister used Pink Penguin’s tutorial to make a reversible bag, so I found it again and followed along. It’s so great! (See what I made below and admire).

January 2014 158

Patchwork Drawstring Bag

January 2014 161

Patchwork Bag: Flat

January 2014 162

Reversed Inside: Flat

January 2014 164

Reversed Inside: Drawn

January 2014 160

Patchwork Close-Up

I was able to match most of the corners. 🙂 Below are some progress photos I took while following the tutorial.

January 2014 136

Basting the Casing to the Shell


January 2014 137

Sewing the Lining to the Outside


This is a really simple and easy way to make a reversible drawstring bag. You don’t have to bother with top-stitching or anything, and all the raw edges are hidden. 

January 2014 138

Done with Sewing!


I thought it looked so funny when I turned the bag right-side-out, like above. However, you just have to shove the lining inside the patchwork. 😉

I’m giving this to my friend tonight. I’m sure she’ll like it! 😀


BTW, if you make a bag using Pink Penguin’s tutorial because of this post, let me know! 🙂

Painting Pretty Rocks


Painting rocks is another thing that I like to do every so often. I find that they make great presents! This is sort of like a how-to on painting your own. 🙂

December 2013 005

Rocks That I Painted Previously

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Paper for your work-area
  • Acrylic Paint (Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, etc.)
  • Paint Brushes as shown below
  • A container with water
  • A plastic surface for the paint
  • Most importantly, ROCKS!
December 2013 009

Paint Brushes

Okay, here we go! Get paper to protect your surface area from paint. Because you will be using acrylic paint, I suggest using old paint brushes that you don’t mind ‘messing up’.

December 2013 011


You really can’t go wrong with choosing rocks. Any shape will do, though I prefer to have one part that’s relatively flat on the rock.  If you are using rocks from your landscaping, make sure to scrub them thoroughly with warm, soapy water.

December 2013 014

First Coat of Paint: Black

Start off with using the flat brush. Put on a coat of black all around the rock. It may require another coat.

December 2013 017

Finished Base Coat

December 2013 018

Flower Centers

After it dries completely, take out your yellow paint and with the fine-tipped paint brush and dab some dots all around, leaving enough room for flower petals.

December 2013 019

Petal Foundation

You don’t need to wait for the yellow paint to dry; continue ahead with using whatever color you desire for the petals. Usually I can fit six to seven petals around each center.

December 2013 020

Filled-In Petals

Make sure to fill in the petals!

December 2013 023

Paint The Year

When the flowers dry, flip the rock over and paint the year onto it. It really adds a nice touch. And you’re done!

New Rocks!

New Rocks!

Whenever I paint a big batch, I usually get board with the flower design and experiment, as I did below. Sometimes they don’t turn out as I imagined, so I eventually go over them with black paint and start over. Other times, I’m pleasantly surprised when they turn out even better than I imagined. 🙂

Mosaic Rock

Mosaic Rock

Another design is a rainbow mosaic. Using a larger flat-surfaced rock, paint a circle of dots in one color of the rainbow, then continue with the color that follows suit. And that finishes it!

I like to paint rocks because when I was a child, I once had watched my older siblings paint beautiful flowers and ladybugs on the giant rocks in our landscaping.  Anyway, it’s very relaxing and I love how pretty they turn out!

I hope you try it out! (LMK)


Pusheen Scissor Fob Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I just love Pusheen the cat, and as I was looking at different pictures of her online, I came across and was inspired by this post about a home-made Pusheen kit that included this cute, little decorative plush (second picture).   Knowing me, I couldn’t help but imagine what it’d be like having one of these.  And so, being crafty, I finally decided to make my own!

Pusheen Scissor Fob

My Pusheen Scissor Fob

The Inspiration for this Project


It didn’t take long before I decided on a scissor fob. Once I knew what I was making, I could easily see the improvements I would make.


September 2013 Projects 054

You will need:

  • Paper Pusheen
  • Light Gray Felt
  • Ribbon (Preferably 1/16″ though 1/8″ will do)
  • Embroidery Floss (Black, Pink, Dark Gray, Dark Brown)
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Blanket Stitch

Start by printing out Pusheen.

September 2013 Projects 056

Then cut out two from the felt.

September 2013 Projects 057

Embroider the stripes with two strands of the dark gray thread, leaving space from the edge for the blanket stitches.

September 2013 Projects 060

With two strands of the black thread make the face, (using the paper template for reference), and add the whiskers. (I made the ones on the right cheek stick out by making a loop and knotting it in place).

September 2013 Projects 061

Use the pink thread likewise and fill in the mouth and add little blushies.

September 2013 Projects 062

Sandwich the two pieces of felt wrong sides together, then use a single strand of dark brown thread. Sew a tiny blanket stitch all around, only stopping at the neck.

September 2013 Projects 063

Then cut a piece of ribbon roughly three times the length of the fob, which should be enough for it to be on scissors.

September 2013 Projects 065

Insert the ribbon, doubled up, into the opening and blanket stitch the rest of it, reinforcing at the ribbon.  Then sew the thread to the back between the layers, pull slightly, and snip.

September 2013 Projects 066

And there you have it! Your very own Pusheen scissor fob! 🙂

September 2013 Projects 067

Pusheen Scissor Fob

Pusheen Scissor Fob

September 2013 Projects 070

Thanks for reading! ♥