Meet My Fishy Friend!

Back in 2007, my little brother really wanted to have a salt water aquarium, and so we embarked upon the year long journey of stabilizing the salt water’s levels.

Everyone, including me, were really excited, and when the year was up I finally bought a salt water fish to add to the collection:  A black and white 3-stripe damsel, at PetCo, for $7.   Introducing, Dart!

October 2013 461

Come on, don’t be shy!

Over the past five years, Dart has come to be the sole survivor out of eight fish and one anemone.

October 2013 460

That’s better! A little more…

Being newbies at it, we didn’t know anything about the compatibility of fish. We ended up with 4 aggressive and territorial damsels (two 3-stripes, a blue, and a Hawaiian Humbug), and 4 gentle and mild fish (Falco Hawkfish, False Percula Clownfish, a yellow Clownfish, and a Blue Yellow-Tail Damsel). Some were killed, others died from age, and the anemone died from poor lighting. All things considered, we were really lucky. All of the fish lived beyond a year.

October 2013 444


Currently Dart resides in an uncommon cube-shaped, 10-gallon aquarium. Years ago, with so many fish, we had upgraded to a 29-gallon tank (it was huge), and we enjoyed it for many months. When it came time to move the tank, everything was done very carefully, and the move seemed to be a success. A few days later, however, the tank suddenly cracked and water went everywhere! It was a disaster. In hindsight, we really shouldn’t have tried to move it in the first place, it being an older tank.

It’s funny to think that the fish I was so hesitant to get 5 years ago is still around today. Definitely worth the $7! LOL

And so concludes the history of my aquarium misadventures. 🙂

Do you have any aquarium stories?