Uniqso Green Circle Lenses- Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay

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For my Sugar Sugar Rune cosplay I purchased green circle lenses from Uniqso.com. I chose Uniqso because it was the only cosplay-themed website I knew of that accepts PayPal and I found the perfect lenses for my cosplay.

Orange Wig and Green Circle Lenses

Orange Wig and Green Circle Lenses

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Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay Purchases

(Ah, this week I’m back in school. Hopefully I will have time to continue posting…)

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is all of the stuff I ordered for my cosplay! No more stock photos. 😉

My Cosplay Accessories

My Cosplay Accessories

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Introducing Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay!

Happy first day of fall everyone!

I am happy to announce that I will be going to Youmacon 2015! I will be cosplaying as Chocolat Meilleure from the anime Sugar Sugar Rune alongside my sister who will be Vanilla Mieux. Cosplaying with us from the realm sugary goodness is my other sister who will be Sugar Rush’s own Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. (Hmm, it seems we have all have a thing for sweets). 😉

Chocolat and Vanilla- Bing Search Image

Chocolat and Vanilla- Bing Search Image

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Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 1

Youmacon is an anime convention that comes to Detroit, MI once a year; this year I will be helping my sister with her table in Artist’s Alley, which is a place where people can sell their creations during the convention. 

Youmacon is a popular culture event similar to most “Comic Cons”, however instead of focusing on comic books, Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese popular culture and its influence on our own culture over the past few decades. Common themes throughout the event are Anime (Japanese animation), Video Games, Japanese style artwork and comics, and the rising internet culture influenced by all of the above….”

This year I will be cosplaying as Chihiro from Spirited Away, a movie by Studio Ghibli.

“…Wearing costumes, or “Cosplay” as it’s known at conventions, is very popular with attendees of Youmacon. It is not uncommon to walk into a pair of Italian plumbers in overalls on the escalator, only to meet someone dressed as Edward Elric or Master Chief from Halo minutes later.”

Here’s a striped t-shirt that I made from scratch to match Chihiro’s:

October 2013 074

Chihiro’s Striped T-Shirt


Sometime soon I hope to bring you a tutorial on how to make your own shirt!

October 2013 077

Showing off the sleeve

I made it into a medium (a size larger than I am) to have the same effect as it was in the movie.

October 2013 078

The Collar

To complete the outfit, I need yellow tennis shoes and pink shorts. Any type of yellow shoes are almost non-existent, so I have resorted to trying out paint on an old pair. I have the fabric to make the shorts, but now I need to either find a shorts pattern that can work or modify a pants pattern. It will be a sacrifice to wear shorts in the cold, mid-fall weather, but it’ll be worth it! 🙂

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