Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay Purchases

(Ah, this week I’m back in school. Hopefully I will have time to continue posting…)

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is all of the stuff I ordered for my cosplay! No more stock photos. 😉

My Cosplay Accessories

My Cosplay Accessories

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Introducing Sugar Sugar Rune Cosplay!

Happy first day of fall everyone!

I am happy to announce that I will be going to Youmacon 2015! I will be cosplaying as Chocolat Meilleure from the anime Sugar Sugar Rune alongside my sister who will be Vanilla Mieux. Cosplaying with us from the realm sugary goodness is my other sister who will be Sugar Rush’s own Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. (Hmm, it seems we have all have a thing for sweets). 😉

Chocolat and Vanilla- Bing Search Image

Chocolat and Vanilla- Bing Search Image

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Complete Convention Cosplay

Oh my gosh, tomorrow the convention starts! So much to do, so little time. At least I have my cosplay as Chihiro from Spirited Away complete! 😀 Here it is!

October 2013 585

Fox Ear Headband (Not from Spirited Away), Green Striped T-shirt, Pink Shorts, Yellow Tennis Shoes

October 2013 591

Chihiro’s T-shirt

October 2013 587

Chihiro’s Shorts

October 2013 600

Black Fleece Leggings

Yes, fleece leggings. It’s gotten so cold here in Michigan that I couldn’t even bring myself to consider wearing shorts without something else underneath. Don’t worry, it still works with the outfit!

October 2013 589

My Awesome Yellow Shoes!

They are awesome! 🙂


October 2013 593

Fox Ear Headband

My kind and generous sister gave me a pair. She apparently remembered how sad I was when my last pair finally broke a few years ago. Others are being sold in Artist’s Alley!

October 2013 595

Brain Slugs

Of course I have to have some reason to explain my morning, zombie-like expression! The brain slug on the left was given to me two years ago. The pink brain slug on the right was a birthday present this year. Both were made by different people!


October 2013 597

Crocheted Strawberry Earrings

This is the last accessory for my cosplay, not that Chihiro wore earrings. They’re just so cute. I know it sounds silly, but these little buddies were actually the reason why I got my ears pierced! 🙂 If you like, you could get a pair, too, and a lot of other things if you go to Pocket Sushi’s Etsy shop.

Well, that concludes my cosplay series. Hope you enjoyed it!

Next up, Youmacon!


If you missed anything, get the lowdown here:

Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 1

Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 2: Shorts

Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 3: Shoes

Complete Convention Cosplay


Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 2: Shorts


If you’ve been following along, you know that I will be attending an anime convention called Youmacon, in which I will be cosplaying as Chihiro from Spirited Away. I already have made Chihiro’s green striped shirt, and now here’s the progress photos of making her pink shorts:

October 2013 494

I decided to use Simplicity pattern 2721 to make my shorts. All I needed to do was modify the lounge pant pattern.

October 2013 492

I did that by shortening the pattern and cutting the pieces out. After I basted the pieces, I tried it on and made a few alterations.

October 2013 515

Sewing along the alteration line

October 2013 517

The new seam

October 2013 518


October 2013 520

The Tapered Hem

After hemming, I sewed the crotch seam.

October 2013 526

My Awesome Tag

I’ve found that the front and back of shorts and pants are very hard to differentiate when they are unmarked. Thus, I made a simple tag, just so I now which way to put them on. (So sad, I know).

October 2013 528

Cutting the elastic

This is industrial elastic that I cut to 3/4″ width. Warning: Do not try this with regular store-bought elastic. It won’t work. You’ve been warned, bwa-ha-ha! 😀

October 2013 532

Showing off my tag

October 2013 533

Finished Casing

Last thing to do, the elastic casing!

October 2013 531

Done! I’m still waiting to finish the last piece for my cosplay: Painting the shoes yellow. (Almost like painting the roses red, LOL).  🙂 Time’s running out; the convention’s this week!!!

Until next time,


Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 1

Youmacon Convention Cosplay Part 2: Shorts