A Challenging Fitting Session

This is an update on my “wedding” dress progress. I’ve had nearly two weeks to make my dress for my cousin’s wedding and I am still at square one and making muslins.

I made the first muslin of the bodice in a size 12 and expected minimal fitting adjustments. After finishing it I put it on and had my sister pin the back together — and it seemed nearly perfect! I only needed to put some more curves into my front seams. THEN I tried to move my arms. Dun dun dun… It was so restrictive that my arms could only be lifted up to my shoulders.

Bodice Muslin

Bodice Muslin Size 12

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“Sherbet Zebra” Dress

Okay, this is a dress that I want to make. I think that its design is very interesting, and I’d like to make the one with sleeves.

The fabric I have actually is called ‘Sherbet Zebra,’ according to its label. It came from New York and it’s a linen. I LOVE the print, and something nice about this linen is that it isn’t a very wrinkly one. In total I have either four or five yards to work with. I would like to have a different fabric for the sleeves/upper dress, so I’ll be on the look-out.

I hope to have this made by next spring! It will be difficult to find time to sew with my new school schedule this fall, and before then I have tons of quilt projects I want to finish. 🙂

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