Hello Kitty Pillow: A Project At Last!

Wow, it has been so long since my last post! Time has gone by so fast and so slowly it seems. I finally finished the spring quarter at college a couple weeks ago and today I began the summer quarter– yes, school continues through the summer. I am happy to announce that my short break resulted in one finished project!

Let me introduce you to my latest project:

Hello Kitty Pillow

Hello Kitty Pillow

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Mexican Star Pillow


A couple years ago I made a pillow from a kit for a 16″x16″ Mexican Star pillow. I really like this design; it reminds me of a symmetrical explosion. 😉 The brown materials used in this makes the pillow perfect for fall. In case you would like to make your own, I found this quilting site that has a free pattern with instructions as a PDF for the same Mexican Star design. Here’s mine:


October 2013 480


October 2013 481

Front Close-Up

October 2013 482


There you have it! It’s really more like a slip cover. Before the back was put on it, the finished front was put on top of poly-batting and a white fabric of the same size. Then I did some hand quilting on it. After that, the back was put on. Lastly, I inserted a pillow-form. ~Done! 🙂

Happy quilting!